31 Photographers from around the world share their unconventional, yet universal perspective on what life with children looks like.

Jackie Tyghem

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman

Alana Harris

Breanna Peterson

Heather Lindsey Robinson

Claire Bunn

DeAnna McCasland

Ginger Unzueta

Jenna Reich | Life Aglow

Jessica Deane

Linsey Wilt

Melissa Lazuka

Sara Garcia

Shalonda Chaddock

Summer Murdock

Felicia Chang

Samantha Lawson

Jennifer Nobriga

Katherine Heise

Kelly Sutton | Horse & Feather photography

Kayla Maltese

Annie Otzen

Melissa Stanfield

Amy Lancaster

Sherri Davis

Ardelle Neubert

Yasmina Cowan

Nichole Reid

Heather Lindsey Robinson

Carlee Kettell

Rowe Timson


26 thoughts on “About

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  3. how do you join? I see you have a lot of interest in this….
    how did this get started. I am a mom with a passion for photography, and love capturing every moment of our lives.

  4. I would love to join if you are interested in adding more people. I am a photographer from Iceland, living in New Zeland. Got three kids and lots of “kidswerehere” moments. 😉

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  8. I would love to join this project! I have 3 kids ranging in ages 3-13. I see that your description says 25 photographers but only counted 23 participating. I’d be more than willing to fill a spot. 🙂

  9. Doesn’t look like this is an open project but perhaps folks should just start using #kidswerehere on Instagram, Twitter, flickr, etc. and we can find one another. I’m also into the term #evidenceofplay which I’ll be writing about on my blog soon. Hope some folks might try that tag out as well.

  10. It would seem others are not able to join this blog. I imagine the founders are happy with the 30 original artists 🙂 however there is nothing to stop others interested in starting another forum. #kidswerehere on Facebook perhaps? Or a page on facebook?

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