Welcome to the July installment of Kids Were Here.

“When I was first asked to be a part of this project, I was admittedly very excited for the group of photographers I’d be working with. They’re an amazingly talented group of women. I was also looking forward to documenting a new aspect of our lives, which I gave little (or no) attention to with the camera. Yet it is such a significant part of our everyday. These left-behind toys, the messes, the food, the strewn about clothes; somedays, I think they’re staring me in the face, laughing. You vacuumed? ha! You just emptied the sink? Too bad! The entry way has been cleared of shoe piles & coat mountains? Nope, not today! But a funny thing happened to me, with this photo project. I am now pausing more & taking more deep breaths. Do I still enjoy all these messes? If I’m being honest, not so much, but incorporating my photography into the daily disasters has given me a new perspective.” -Brenna Peterson

You can click on each photo and be taken to the photographer’s personal blog post with more photographic evidence that their ‘kids were here’.  Enjoy!!


Linsey Wilt  Facebook Blog


Jackie Tyghem  Facebook Blog


Roweena Timson  Facebook Blog


Ginger Unzueta  Facebook Blog

ginger unzueta photography july edition

Ali Deck  Facebook  BlogDSC_7997

Maria Manco  Facebook  BlogKWH_062513_0035 copy

Alana Harris  Facebook  BlogAHP_July_KWH

Breanna Peterson   Facebook  Blog

breanna peterson-1 (2)

DeAnna McCasland   Facebook  Blog_DSC8305[1]

Melissa Lazuka   Facebook  BlogDSC_Melissa_Lazuka

Lindsey Bergstrom   Facebook  Blog_20130626_kwh
Claire Bunn   Facebook  BlogKWH---July-2013
Stephanie Beaty  – Lifeography  Facebook  BlogStephanieBeatyLifeography-1

Jenna Reich – Life Aglow  Facebook  BlogKidsWereHere_July_JennaReich_TucsonPhotographer

Ketti Phillips  Facebook Blog

Kids Were Here - Ketti


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