Welcome to the first installment of Kids Were Here.  We are a group of passionate photographers who are setting out to document details of evidence that Kids Were Here. It is a fabulous idea introduced by the very talented and creative Ketti Photography.

“In the the moment is is easy to get frustrated with all the mess and clutter that results from living with children. This set reminds me how quickly it will all pass. One day the toys will be in totes no longer played with. I will miss this. I’m reminded to slow down. To not stress about it. My happiness is not dependant upon everything put back into place and a neat and tidy home.

One day we will have a wonderful reminder. Evidence left behind written upon our hearts and minds of our children. Photographs that will bring us back to this very day, when our kids were here.” -jude wood

You can click on each photo and be taken to the photographer’s personal blog post with more photographic evidence that their ‘kids were here’.  Enjoy!!


Ketti Phillips  Facebook  Blog


DeAnna McCasland   Facebook  Blog

Suzanne  Gipson   Facebook  Blog

Linsey Wilt  Facebook Blog


Jackie Tyghem  Facebook Blog


Ginger Unzueta  Facebook Blog

ginger unzueta photography kids were here april edition

Ali Deck  Facebook  Blog


Maria Manco  Facebook  Blog


Rebecca Leimbach  Facebook  Blog


Alana Harris  Facebook  Blog


Summer Murdock   Facebook  Blog


Breanna Peterson   Facebook  Blog


El Hogan   Facebook  Blog


Jessica Deane   Facebook  Blog


Rebecca Chalmers   Facebook  Blog


Melissa Lazuka   Facebook  Blog


Jude Wood   Facebook  Blog


Lindsey Bergstrom   Facebook  Blog


Claire Bunn   Facebook  Blog


Shalonda Chaddock – Chubby Cheek Photography   Facebook  Blog


Stephanie Beaty  – Lifeography  Facebook  Blog

stephanie beaty - lifeography-4

Jenna Reich – Generations Photography  Facebook  Blog


Sara Garcia  Facebook  Blog



67 thoughts on “KIDS WERE HERE | APRIL 2013

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    • Thanks Yael!! It’s so awesome that you have already been doing this! We are trying to come up with a way to let others participate as well – we will let you all know as soon as something is planned 🙂

  6. … kidding! Its the little things the kids do, or leave…that will LEAVE all to seeon, yet, LEAVE memories forever in your hearts, mind & souls. These photos are fantastic…..the blankie over the bed rail, the dinosaurs all lined up, the bowl left on the garage door ledge, sand toys on the beach….ugh, wish I would have classic photos like that. My dinosaur lover turns 34 tomorrow, and these photos posted are reminders of his growing up years. Kisses to y’all for this fun snippit! More please (& thank you) xoxo

    • Thank you so much for your support and lovely comments! It has been such a powerful experience to document these “messes” and a real eye opener to how fast they will leave.

  7. I absolutely love this idea! The photos are wonderful. Sometimes I really forget to appreciate how little time I have with my young messes.

  8. I absolutely LOVE these photos and the wonderful inspiration behind them!! I am going to try and challenge myself to do this with my grandkids….I have at least one of them almost every day and there are always sweet reminders somewhere!! :))

  9. LOVE this idea!! I love taking lifestyle shots of my 4 young children but hadn’t thought about taking “kids were here” shots. You inspired me to start doing this! Thank you!!

  10. i thought i commented here…must have been on one of ya’ll fb pages or something. 🙂 LOVE this project! ya’ll are amazing. can’t wait to see more.

  11. I love this project so much!! And the photogs that are participating are all so amazing. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I may just take a “kids were here” photo every once in a while for my 365 project too. I love that it is about what you get annoyed with, but will miss when they’re not there anymore- the reason many of us got into photography in the first place, to capture our children’s memories. I never thought until seeing this project though to include the details without them in the frame.

  12. As I sit with kids’ stuff all around me and the cleaning seems to be never-ending, this project brings new meaning to what most of us do on a daily basis. I do love this idea and actually look forward to getting a few shots of a typical day.

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  14. Love love love this project. I heard about this thanks to chubbycheek. Is amazing. I want to read more about it because I will like to enjoy to all of you.
    Fantastic job!!!

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